Hello, I'm Erick

I'm a front end developer living in Orem, Utah. I'm currently a student at Utah Valley University and majoring in Web Design and Development.


I've taken courses that have included Responsive Design, UX Design, UI Design, Principles of Digital Design, Web Design Process, and much more. I have experience creating wireframes, concept models, site maps, prototype and design documents with a guide. I also have experience in the grid system for web design.View Resume

Software Skills

  • notepad iconNotepad
  • indesign logoInDesign
  • photoshop logoPhotoshop
  • invision logoInvision
  • dreamweaver logoDreamWeaver
  • illustrator logoIllustrator
  • microsoft office suite logoMicrosoft Office
  • multiple logos inside toolboxand much more!
html5 logo
HTML5 I work in HTML5 and use tags like <header>, <nav>, <footer>, etc. My HTML code is always semantic and is optimized for SEO.
css logo
CSS3 I have experience with design principles and I apply it to my designs. I use CSS3 with animations and other new styles.
javascript logo
javaScript I'm familiar with javaScript and Jquery. I can work with the DOM and apply simple animations.
php logo
Php I'm familiar with Php and using databases with MySQL using PhpMyAdmin. I have made simple pages using Php.
Git Github logo
Git & Github I use git and github for version control. I can use GUI's and Command line Git.
sass logo
SASS/SCSS I'm able to take full advantage of scss and it's apply it to projects. I can use variables, mixins, placeholders, loops, etc.
responsive design logo
Responsive Design My designs are responsive with a mobile first approach. Pages adjust based on the users device and still look awesome.

Development Skills


Project Work
Project Work
PHP - Remake
Project Work
Project Work
SCSS - Redesign
Project Work
Foundation 5
Project Work
Bootstrap 3
If Your Interested Working Together, Just Send Me a Message.
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